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today my mom got me a weird thing. Whatever. I'll be skinny. You kno? YOU KNOW?

i know.

there is HAIR all over my shirt, cause I just cut my hair...

I muuuust say it looks pretty good. I just hope it looks like this on tuesday when I get to go back to school. Its prolly going to be my last day before cap. I hope I dont have to go there :-(.

I dont want to go to CAAAAAAAAAP!

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Skittles 'N' Weed


We are a beautiful thing.

On this note, the last S'n'W meeting was held in the usual place. Only two out of the five members could join, due to different reasons. I, was one of the attending members, of coarse. It was a wonderful day. Nates skateboard, as usual, was covered in our love. Including, eye drops, body spray, ever single flavor of skittles, smoking devices, ganja, cell phones, and many more things. If only blakes camera phone has been there, it would have been a wonderful picture.


Blake- did we take a pic of it last time? Im not sure.


The attending members were...





our day was full of shot guns and lots of love.<33


Hopefully our other two members will join us next time. We are incomplete without our other rasta colors. Even though Blake is blue, which is the flag pole of rasta.


Ryann I love you. <33



okay I only did this cause I was bored.


Ganja Girl, Lighter Lady, Pipe princess, Rasta Ryann. <--- the fabulous 4.


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So you guys,

did I mention life sucks?

Yeah I was sooo close.

Then I had to get into more trouble.

Im suspended for 3 days. then there is a BIG possibility Ill have cap for a minmum of 35 days.

So close.

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Hello EveryBODY,

How was your day? Mine, was A-okay! uhm... I did absolutly Nothing. The day went by quickly. I hung out with Jessy alot. Wrote alot of notes to alot of people. I never write notes. haha. All in all It was a very goood day, nothing bad happened at all. God, for once. heh. But im sure something stupid will happen by the end of the day. You know how it is. Anyways, Im just really bored. I just got home from Sarahs... Chrissy was going to coe over and smoke some ganja with me, but siiiiiiiiiiigh, couldnt make it. Doesnt that suck? I guess thats kind of a bad thing. But we are planning it for 2maro. =)

Love you guys.

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hey everyone! how are you? Im good cause we got out at 1 today, and Im going to go to the mall soon. i wanted to go wiht jessy and morgan for ganja, but sigh, I couldnt. So im just going with sarah to the mall, and blake, We might shop around, yo uknow how it is. ;-) so im guessing you are all wondering who I like....well.... Its Jessy Lopez. Ok, I know its weird, but its true. I really really do. =)

Love Lauren

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Did I mention how weird my life is?

Now everyone thinks im a lesbian. GREAT.

why can I have lesbian friends, without being gay?


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gUrLwItHsOx: hey i remember when chrissy said she asked him about you
gUrLwItHsOx: and he got little tears in his eyes
gUrLwItHsOx: and said that he loved you

I Miss him. </3